L♥VE Is In The Air

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  I know many view it as just another over-commercialised Hallmark holiday and think we should express our love and appreciation for the important people in our lives on a regular basis (and I tend to agree in theory)… BUT it’s also an excellent excuse for some extra-special themed family time, crafting with the day care kiddos, yummy menu planning and on-my-own projects. 

As I searched for some creative inspiration, I came across a few fun projects that we’ll be trying.  I also found some fun new blog favourites that I’ve added to my reading list.  There are so many thrify/organized/talented/creative people in this world.    It makes me realise that I have a long way to go to perfect my skills and I need to take some serious time to find a place for everything (although have the battle is keeping it there!) I also need to ‘think’ more before jumping into things… planning things out, looking at alternatives, etc.    I want to start ‘thrifting’ more… but I know I’ll end up with great pieces and no real plan. 

Anyhow, here are some of the fab new blogs I’ve scoped out, linked to the projects or posts that first caught my eye:

So those are some of my new inspirations… of course, the posts I linked too aren’t the only great ideas.  You can click, click, click and these ladies have great recipes, ideas and more.   Sometimes I just like the way they approach (and share about) their lives.

How do you show your loved ones that they’re – well –  loved? (or well-loved as the case may be.)  Do you have special traditions, projects, meals, etc?  Do you do a date-night, exchange cards or gifts? Or is it just another day and nothing extra special?  Share any fun ideas you have!  I’m off to tackle the reorganization (which seems to be an ongoing effort) of my craft room.  I think part of the problem is the craft room doubles as spare room with a bed that’s much too large, extra-clothes storage, misc. home/office/whatever items get dumped in here and I haven’t removed all the extra nursery tidbits (rocker, hamper, etc.) yet.  (I am attempting a wooden heart wreath – pilfering the idea from the Kaisercraft star wreath I will eventually tackle.  I was all gung-ho to get started…and once I dug out the wooden circle base realised it’s much larger than I remembered and don’t have the ‘heart’ to finish as desired.  If everything was where it belonged, and I didn’t have to wade through piles of non-craft items, I would have known this weeks ago!)

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