Home Sweet Home (or Time Flies When You’re Having Fun)

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t posted anything since Day 1 of our California adventure (gasp!)  Actually, for anyone who really knows me, it’s highly unexpected.   Life gets busy…and the blog gets sent to the back burner.   We’ve almost been home for 2 weeks… we’ve survived the daily grind, birthday parties, Ribfest and a face-off with strep throat (not fun!  I forget how yucky it is until I get it… my sympathies to those fighting it at present.  I apologize if you got the germs from me!)

And now it’s time to really get back into the swing of things…  I’ll update the highlights and anecdotes from our trip another day (or you could just check out the pictures on Facebook!)  Funniest quote goes to Kaleb on the shuttle bus to Disney:  “Daddy, I know when the world is going to end.”  (He says this in all seriousness like this a normal topic of conversation for a 5 year old.)  Kevin:  “Oh really?  When?”   Kaleb:  “When everybody on earth dies.”  And then we went back to prattling non-stop about the excitement of Disney.  Ah, what a strange kid!

Here is my meal plan once I get to the grocery store after payday.   I was flipping through my recipe binder and got excited to try some new things!

  • Stuffed Peppers, Spinach Citrus Salad, French Bread
  • Pork Chops with Grilled Apples, Spinach Citrus Salad & Fries 
  • Lasagna, Caesar Salad
  • Beer Can Chicken, Caesar Salad, Roast Potatoes
  • Ribs, Corn Bread, Corn on the Cob, Green Beans
  • Chicken Fajitas
  • Turkey Sausage, Rice, Brocolli & Carrots
  • Taco Chicken Foil Pack (which is really just thin sliced potatoes, chicken breasts, spices, salsa & cheese grilled in a foil pack.)

and some desserts:

  • Coconut Panna Cotta w/ Tropical Fruit
  • Peach Smoothie Popsicles
  • Rhubarb Berry Tarts 

I’m also going to try some cocktail (and mocktail versions for the kids) summer yummies from the LCBO like the Twisted Strawberry and the Blue Hawaiian.

I’m so excited because I get to start Farmer’s Market shopping again… although the market I prefer isn’t running when I have a car so we’ll have to try two other local ones instead.    Yay for fresh local produce and summer recipes.   Yay for patio season!   Yay for summer!

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home (or Time Flies When You’re Having Fun)

  1. the Coconut Panna Cotta, sounds delicous!! let me know how it turns out. Always looking for a new recipe! Welcome back to the swing of things 😉


  2. I've been checking regularly to find the updates to your blog, so glad to see one this morning! Lovin' Kaleb's comment! That's another one for the book! Now about fresh local produce, whenever I see some really nice peaches, I would like to try grilling them. I only saw a picture so can only assume that this is what to do:cut peach in half, remove stone/pit, grill (cut side), top with brown sugar (in the stone/pit hollow, serve with vanilla ice cream and garnish with a sprig of mint! It looked so yummy.:) Yay for summer!


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