With Glowing Hearts We See Thee Rise

Ohmygoodness… I am so PROUD to be CANADIAN.   I’ve never been one to follow the Olympics but figured I’d be a bit more patriotic this year and follow along as they were on home turf.   I’m so glad I did!!!  I tuned into a few events and got hooked right in. 

I was awed, astonished and pumping my arms and cheering for our incredible athletes!!!   They did amazing and I can’t even pick a favourite moment – the athletes from Canada and abroad are all so incredibly talented and these games were the finest I’ve ever seen.   Curling, hockey, ice dance, speed skating, bobsled, etc – it was so much fun to tune in this year and it’s fun to bask in this golden glow surrounding the nation!

There are so many great clips and highlights on the various media outlets – CTV, the Facebook group, Yahoo sports, etc.   Can you believe we took the gold medal record?  And CONGRATS to the States for their overall medal count – they’ve got some serious skilled athletes too!

Okay… now for the real reason I decided to post tonight.

I found the PERFECT chairs for my library/Lindsey room that does not (and will not) exist in this house.

These Cuddler Chairs are available through the Costco Canada website for a whopping $1099.99…
but can’t you just imagine curling up with a cozy throw, hot tea and great book in one of these?  One of the reviews even suggested story time with the kids – how perfect!  

One thought on “With Glowing Hearts We See Thee Rise

  1. i love the chair and can definitely imagine you curled up in it with your book and a tasty brew of tea! Likely to have a wee monkey trying to cuddle up beside you!


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