9 Months Til Christmas!

We’re coming through a busy week and quickly approaching what is going to be a very busy weekend. (why does the week following a holiday seem so exhausting?) We have birthday parties, kid-shuttling, concerts, laundry, housework, etc. My kids woke up fighting before 6 am this morning and are super-cranky (not to mention the other children who have invaded my home and brought their grumpies with them.) I blame it on the weather – the gloomy overcast skies are not bringing out the best in people today – myself included. I’m feeling icky with a sore back/kidneys and am hoping the antibiotics fight this infection as quickly as they can!

On to happier things, Easter is right around the corner. It’s hard to believe how fast March seems to have flown by. Someone on Facebook pointed out that we only have 9 months til Christmas! I’m glad it’s spring but I much prefer the warmer sunnier days. We have started our seeds (well, the boys did their seeds) in anticipation of adding them to the garden in May. I still have to finish my planning and decide what I want to grow this year and change my strategies as Diesel digs up everything he can right now. I looked in both the front and back gardens the other day and LOVE seeing the new buds on my shrubs and the sprouts peeking through the ground from my bulbs! Mother’s Day will also be here before you know it – check out the most recent Vintage Pearl contest: The Vintage Pearl: the key to my heart { a giveaway! }. They’ve come up with two absolutely adorable skeleton key designs that you can get stamped to reflect who holds the key to your heart. They are beautifully simple and I really love the first key design (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Kev!)

I have a funny story about a book (ok, maybe it’s not funny but it will give you a slightly deeper insight into how much I love books.) The other day I went to help one of the monkeys with something and left a library book sitting on the back of thecouch. By the time I got back into the living room, less than 2 minutes later, Diesel had pulled off the cover and a few of the title pagesand left a couple teeth marks in the text. I was rather disappointed in the dog but upset with myself for not putting the book out of the way. I was even more disappointed that it happened to be a book I’d probably have no desire to read again.

Yesterday at the library, I explained what happened fully intending to ‘buy’ the book. The librarian looked it up in the system and decided as it was an older book and has rarely been checked out she would wipe it from the system as damaged – she said it was because the sun was shining and things happen! While my greatest reaction was gratitude at not having to buy the book, as she tossed it into the trash I felt like I had betrayed a friend and wanted to argue that no, really, I will pay for the book – just to save it from it’s fate in the bin. Sad, isn’t it? I refrained and with great appreciation let her do me that favour.

Speaking of the library, while I appreciate being able to reserve in advance, with some of the new releases from authors I enjoy I’m not patient enough to wait my turn to read a copy. I really want to read the new Jodi Picoult novel, House Rules. I’m deep on the waiting list. Just wondering if you’ve read it, if I should invest or if you own it, can I borrow please?

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