Spring, Spring, A Marvelous Thing…

I’m so glad it’s spring!   Sunshine, raindrops, cool breezes, green grass and buds galore!

I wrote a whole post and went to publish when Explorer decided to crash… so I’ll recap our Easter activities here:


Celebrated afterschool with a houseful of kids.   We enjoyed yummy Easter egg cookies (“These are great!”  “No, these are better than great!”), painted ceramic egg banks (I’m still finding glitter all over my house) and went on an egg-hunt!

Took the boys to see “How To Train Your Dragon”.  Cute movie, even if I missed scenes because  Monkey #2 had the wiggles and wouldn’t stop talking!
Below is a picture of Justin earlier in the week enjoying a movie-themed Happy Meal.  He’s a cute little Viking.
Kaleb & I hit the mall after Mommy realised the monkeys needed a wardrobe rehab to deal with warm weather.   We were on the hunt for some pants that A) did not have holes in the knees or at the hems,  B) were not lined with polar fleece and C) are easy to pull on and off.   Our hunt was frustrating as every store seemed to have the size up or size down from what we needed but Kaleb made the most of it and convinced Mommy to stand in line for the Bunny Hop path at the OC.   Check out my cute little bunny here.   It took an hour to colour, get the bunny ears, face painted, picture taken, popcorn sample, and cuddle with the rabbit named Timbit, but he had fun and may be in the local paper.


Egg hunt and all that jazz.   I (being the Easter bunny) always find it challenging to limit the chocolate and candy but still find good stuff (read: not junk) for the eggs.   We scored with fruit gummies, bubbles, hatching critters, Toy Story figurines and play-dough.    The baskets are also a challenge but this year we lucked out at the dollar store:  we filled new sand buckets with Spiderman toothbrushes, Spiderman shampoo/body wash, a Kinder bunny, Pez dispenser, clapping Monkey candy tube, bubbles, Easter story book and What’s In the Bible DVDs.
We read Kaleb’s new Easter story during breakfast than headed to church.  After church we went to visit with family.   The boys love spending time with their cousins and Papa & Oma and with the beautiful weather, we all truly enjoyed the Easter weekend!

One thought on “Spring, Spring, A Marvelous Thing…

  1. the little viking looks like he has a plant growing out of the top of his “helmet”. Love these little monkeys!


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