My Kids Crack Me Up

Ok… just a quick little funny. 
My knowledge of the current pop music scene is pretty much nil.  I couldn’t tell Justin Bieber from Miley Cyrus.  Unfortunately, the kids who infiltrate our home we have the privilege of watching each and every day have provided a little bit of pop exposure in their karaoke-style renditions of some hits that I have never heard before.  Yes, I live a sheltered life.

Well, Justin (my Justin that is) thinks it’s just wonderful that there is someone out there named Justin “Beaver” who sings.  He even knows a line “Baby, baby, baby, ooooh!” which I hear repeatedly throughout the day.  That’s it, just one line.   The funny thing is he croons it out pretty well… he gets that “ooooh!” just right and does it quite loud and then refers to himself as Justin “Beaver.”  *sigh*

Kaleb provided the humour, beyond Justin belting it out during lunch today, by changing the lyrics.   He has his mommy’s love for pop music and is quite comfortable poking fun.  Yeah, Kaleb’s lyrics?  “Justin Bieber has rabies, rabies, rabies….oh!”   Which of course resulted in a round of genuine hysterical giggles from the two of them, to the point Mommy couldn’t help cracking up to the point of tears.

Nothing like hearing those belly laughs! Haha I love my kids!

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