An EGGciting Project

I keep forgetting to post about this project.  I really didn’t get “into” Easter this year.  We read our (many) Bible stories before bed each night to remind the boys that the Easter Bunny is not what it’s all about.  Kaleb gave us his extremely simple version of the meaning behind the day (which branched into a rabbit trail on Christmas – my clever little boy really does listen!)

We dyed and decorated eggs, did the egg hunt on a  small scale, we had simpler than usual Easter baskets and even craft-wise, we didn’t really do anything too exciting.    My one big concession was this wreath that I started when I was still feeling gung-ho (who came up with that expression?) about spring and Easter and crafts in general.  This was begun before I tackled all the shower stuff that sucked the creativity out of me for a couple weeks.  

One night I was supposed to be sorting my tax paperwork…but I got distracted!  I saw the foam eggs (which I had already painted with acrylic paints I had on hand – mixed with white acrylic to tone down the colours.  I had also already sprayed them with adhesive and shook them in coordinating glitter), and realised I should finish the Easter project with at least some time to enjoy it before Easter!

I was originally going to glue the foam eggs to a grapevine wreath a la inspiration from HomeSense or Winners but the grapevine wreath I had on hand was larger than I wanted.    I had a foam wreath that I hot-glued the completed eggs to and added a bow using ribbon from my stash.   It isn’t perfect – the paint process needs some perfecting and I ran out of decorated eggs (which you can’t tell in the picture – it just needed another row towards the back to hide the green foam base.)   It was an easy project… but not one I’m sure I’d repeat.   So EGGciting!

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