Family Rules

Apparently, “Subway Art” is the big thing in home decor and people are loving vinyl wall appliques.  You would think, lucky for me, I have a hubby who just happens to have a print shop with acess to, gasp!, a large digital printer and vinyl, banners, canvas, etc.  Too bad I have to make a decision and pinpoint exactly what I want.   (Many moons ago, I did get him to print the vinyl wall applique for the boys room… it looks cute!  And he did the canvas monkey prints for me… so I’m not always indecisive and I do manage to create some decor on a budget.)

I stumbled across the “Family Rules” idea at Walmart one night.  I actually took a picture with my handy-dandy iPhone and asked for it for Mother’s Day thinking maybe this would inspire above mentioned hubby to print one up at work.  He didn’t.   Soooooo I’ve been thinking that I should design my own.

Design Divas Gallery, Etsy Seller

There are a ton of ideas on Etsy.  Here is one from a seller in BC using vinyl wall appliques.  It’s fun. It’s big. It would look fantastic on the large empty wall in my kitchen. Unfortunately, part of me thinks it will look ‘raw’ or ‘unfinished’. And then while I was catching up on blogs I failed to read while on vacation, I saw a guest post and picture that I fell in love with! (The guest blogger has her own blog, SassySanctuary – I’m adding her to my reading list.)

Lantern Project featured on CraftGoodies

The actual post was about the lantern (cute) but I think the subway art family rules IN A FRAME is adorable!  I have decided I want a giant whitewashed frame surrounding my family rules.  (Buy new, thrift or make?) I think it will look great on that blue wall!

Should I get him to print it on canvas, poster paper or vinyl stickies that I can apply to a background (or the wall) and frame around it?   And what should our family rules be?  Trying to remember the things we constantly say is harder than it sounds!

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