Stocking Stuffers: The {Crazy} Monkeys

Here are some of my favourite, regularly go-to small gifts for imaginative, crazy, energetic boys.  Easy to tuck into stockings (or use as bribery, should the need arise), they don’t cost a fortune and they’re always a hit!  Side note, the monkeys in our household are 4 & 6 – the recommended ages don’t always coincide, but hey, whatever works.

1) Lego Surprise Minifigures, $3.49;

Every year, Lego releases another series of these minifigures.  We love them!   The kids are never sure what’s inside until they open it, but they know it will have a character and accessories.  Also, as it’s not part of any “themed” Lego set, it easily adds to their collection.   You can find them everywhere – toy stores, Chapters, department stores and I even snagged a couple at Shoppers Drug Mart.

2) Crayola Color-Filz Activity Kit, $6.48

Whether you choose a brandname kit (like Crayola) or hit your local craft, department or dollar store, activity kits are a great little item to tuck inside the stocking for some quiet or easy-to-bring activities.   Crayola offers colouring kits, craft kits, and more, while the dollar store has a variety of craft supplies and ready-to-go kits at a budget price.  If you are gonna take a peek at Michael’s, don’t forget to take a coupon for significant savings – available to print on the Michael’s website or to clip from the weekly flyer.

3) Arm & Hammer Kid’s Character Spinbrush

There are a few “traditional” stocking stuffers the boys get every year… and that they surprisingly enjoy.   For some reason, these toothbrushes are a hit.  Yes, they cost a little more than a typical toothbrush – but they love the spin, and the fact that they feature their favourite characters.  Most of the major oral care companies have a competitive selection – readily available in local department and drug stores.   I figure with all the extra “junk” they’re eating over the holidays, a toothbrush they’re excited about is a good thing!

4)  Socks, Underwear, Hats, Mitts, & Graphic Tees

This is another one of those strange but just go with it ideas.  My boys actually love getting new socks, new boxers, and new graphic tees.  They also get excited about hats, mittens & the like.    The cooler the design, the better – no boring tighty-whities here!   We really like the selection available at Old Navy, GAP and even American Eagle Kids (online) – but we’ve found some decent (and less expensive) options at Walmart, Zellers & Joe as well.  Maybe not a go for all families, but it works for us!

5) Hexbug Nanos, $9.95

These little robotic bugs are fun!  Kaleb got one for his birthday in October and he keeps it in his coat pocket so he can play with it anytime he’s bored.   All the nanos I’ve seen retail for less than $10 – and you can find them at Walmart, ToysRUs, Chapters and even Shoppers Drug Mart.  From what I can tell, they’re pretty popular!

So those are some of my suggestions if you need some help looking for any monkeys in your life.  It’s by no means an exhaustive list!  If I still need some inexpensive options, I usually check out the dollar store – perfect for colouring or activity books, puzzle erasers, slime and grow-your-own toys, playdough, jigsaw puzzles, etc. – the stuff that doesn’t fall apart with the first use.  Another hint when it comes to the monkeys is to start looking for next years stuffers in January (post-boxing day clearance).   I’ve found some inexpensive brand name small toys, silly bands, etc. for next to nothing by looking well in advance!   Books, cheap DVDs, second hand video games and the like also make for inexpensive but appreciated stuffers.

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