Miss me?

So it’s been approximately 3 months since I last blogged.  Some days I’ve thought “Oh, I need to share this…” and then (as always) life gets busy and composing a post just slips my mind.    So much has happened, but if you follow me on Facebook, you are probably on top of the latest gossip involving our lives anyhow.

I just recently switched (a week ago? maybe?) from my dinosaur vintage iPhone 3G.  It wasn’t even 3 years old but man, oh man, it was starting to drive me nuts.  Now, in Apple’s defence, the phone fell in the toilet twice, the dish water once, and was left in a stroller in the rain briefly.  It fell on gravel, store floors, concrete, hardwood, ceramic and grass.   Despite the scattered screen after a slip out of my pocket (iPhones don’t bounce!) the touch screen still worked and with all the other mishaps, it held it’s own.    That being said, it was 2 models behind when I got it (I think they just brought out the 4G)… and over the last few weeks it kept freezing on me, the GPS services never worked, and the shattered screen started to nick up my fingers. I visited my service provider (Telus customer service rocks, by the way) and they waived the fees for slipping out of my contract early and provided me with a cheaper plan.

So I shopped.  I browsed.  I touched.  I asked silly questions.  And perhaps, maybe, just maybe, I had a little technology envy after Kevin came home with his Samsung Galaxy SII HD.   So I got the same phone… but better.   I have no complaints with Apple as a whole, but I’m not a die-hard i-anything fan.  And lemme just say how much I looooove my new Android Samsung Galaxy SIII.   It’s awesome.  I find it a little more user friendly and everything is just “more”.    Now, I’m sure I’d be thrilled with the newest iPhone when compared with that old one I was using – but I went with the Galaxy and I’m hooked.  

Here are some of my favourite features or apps:

* S Planner Task widget – all my to-do’s on one screen with the slide of a finger, and easy to check off my tasks as I get them done.
* Google/G-mail integration – I use Google for everything (well, a lot of things) on my netbook and it’s nice to have everything synced and accessible.
* 8mp camera & instagram.  My old phone camera sucked.  This camera rocks.  Seriously.  I love it.
* YouVersion Bible app and Verse of the Day widget.  I will admit that in the busyness of life, I’ve gotten out of the habit of picking up my Bible and reading a passage each day.  This widget means that the minute I check my phone in the morning, a verse is sitting their and cannot be ignored.  I see it multiple times a day when I’m flipping through screens so I can mull it over a little.   When I find some quiet time, I can click and read the entire passage.  And it’s easy-peasy to read along with the pastor at church.
* Words With Friends.  I used to use this on Facebook and then stopped for some reason.  But I downloaded the free app and it’s a quick, addictive time-waster for here and there mind-bending in between the important parts of my day.

Downside to my phone?  No Pinterest app for Android (so I try to use the Pinterest mobile site with mixed results).   No Etsy app for Android (although that app was never available for my dino iPhone either.)  Again, mixed results using the mobile site.  And for some reason my Kijiji app always crashes.  Again with the mixed results browsing mobile.   I suppose these are more disappointments with the app developers than with the Android platform.

What are your favourite apps or phone features? Are you using an Apple, Blackberry, or Android?  Do you use Instagram?  I’m just getting started but you can follow me as brownlin (simple, no?)  If you love Scrabble-ing, you can start a game with me on Words with Friends.  Oh, what would we do with our days if we didn’t have technology?

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