Fizzles, Fist Fights, & Free Time

Last night I must have known that today would start with a fizzle.  After the post-dinner catastophic clean up, I actually started prepping the monkeys’ lunches.  Even with our early start school (thumbs down!), I tend to toss their lunches together in the morning.  We have our rhythm and usually, our get-out-the-door routine progress as planned.

Not so much today.  My alarm turned itself off.  Seriously!   It’s not like I forgot to set it before bed.  I would never do that.  I did wake up to my internal alarm, but the morning was a fog of ineptness.   And the kids would not stop fighting over who got to wear which shirt… you know, those pink ones we’re wearing to stand against bullying?  (My guys may very well have gone to school sporting blood stains due to the fists that we’re being thrown.  It seems we entirely missed the point of Pink Shirt Day.)

We finally got our, uh, “stuff” together and made it to school just before the bell.  And now I’m feeling a little lost.  It’s just 9 a.m. and I’m sitting at home enjoying some me time.  Unexpected, unscheduled me time.

I was bribed for it.  I spend a lot of time at the school these days.  Yesterday I  manned the breakfast program on my own (hello, dishes!) in exchange for this morning and tomorrow morning to myself.

What’s a girl to do?  Run the dishwasher before noon.  Check. Fasting lab work…that was months overdue.  Check.  Grab some Timmies.  Check.  Now I sit here feeling guilty about my lack of productivity.  But you know what?  I earned a couple free hours and I think Ill just enjoy it!  (Especially after the gong show that started this day.)  Soon enough I’ll be surrounded by the chaos of three grade 1 &2 classes “enjoying” another indoor recess.   So here’s to a good book, warm drink, and absolute silence while I can.   If only the snow were melting,  it might just be perfect!

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