Smoothies and a Painting

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just want to crawl in bed and stay there?  Monday was a snow day, and as much as I love my boys, I don’t always care for thw noise they create.  By Tuesday afternoon, I had a full-on pillow over the head, turn off the lights migraine.  The Advil eventually dulled the pain and my family should love me.  I sucked it up and managed to create a yummy dinner (tex-mex stuffed peppers) without vomiting or passing out.  That’s a win, isn’t it?

By Wednesday morning I was feeling human and I made it through work and even had a productive day in the office yesterday.  (Oh, hey!  Guess what?  I have a new part-time admin job…. that works with our home life. Score!)  Despite feeling more human, the headache lurked… waiting to ambush me on my only free day (that would be today) – a day with a to-do list a mile long including some Wisdom and Whimsy deliveries.  (Sorry, Aidan!)

So a wise girl rearranges her life… and puts on her sweat pants,  swallows some more Advil, keeps the water glass filled, and takes it easy.  And if taking it easy means painting a sign base, so be it. (Sometimes I find creating without expectations to be The Best relaxant.)

And then my energy levels plummet and I think “Oh, maybe I should have just stayed curled up on the couch…”  and “It’s such a gorgeous day, but I wish the sun wasn’t so bright!” Ah well…

Now it’s lunchtime. I have nil appetite and no wish to take more Advil. I hit the kitchen and hope a smoothie might revive me a little. (Actually,  I make a lot of smoothies and it’s usually just to ensure I’m getting a healthy breakfast that’s portable. Its just today’s variety that we’re hoping is a pick me up!)

This beauty may resemble the radioactive love child of a bowl of Cheetos crossed with a creamsicle…. but it’s all goodness!   So what’s inside? Carrot juice, frozen mango chunks, a banana, and some vanilla yogurt for protein. Maybe the yogurt wasn’t the healthiest addition, but hey, at least it’s not vanilla ice cream! 

Blended with my $10 Wal-Mart bargain individual Hamilton Beach blender and it’s a delicious burst of sunshine in your mouth, creamy and refreshing.  Here’s to kissing the remnants of this headache goodbye!

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