Choosing to Be Humbly Grateful

I hate to admit this, but my gratitude attitude is hit and miss.  I’m basically happy for all the norm – roof over my head, food for our tummies, a bed to cuddle in… but it’s not always a conscious thing.  Just is and while I appreciate things, it’s easy to dismiss them when that roof has a leak, or my cupboard looks empty and I have to wait for payday, or that mattress is lumpy and someone keeps stealing the covers at night.  I feel a bit like Goldilocks – I could be satisfied, but sometimes it’s easy to want everything “just right.”

Life doesn’t go that way though.  And as we approach Thanksgiving, I’m reminded that 1) I should be grateful all year round – counting my blessings on a daily basis… and 2) I need to step up this gratitude game and stop complaining so much.

So here is a list of some very specific things I’m grateful for in no order of importance:

– A child who treasures the importance of choosing friends wisely.  We spent a day at Wonderland last Sunday with Kaleb and 3 of his closest friends.  These kids are funny, respectful, supportive, and kind.  We were impressed with their attitudes and behaviour the entire day and I was amazed at how they protected each other and encouraged each other instead of needling each other when one or the other wasn’t quite as brave. 
– Parents and parents-in-law who step in and lend a hand when it’s needed or just because.  My in-laws are heading south for the winter again soon and my freezer was just filled with items they can’t take with them.  It’s not a big thing, but it’s a huge thing – does that make sense?  They’re quick to invite the boys to spend time with them over the summer, and stop by just because whenever they’re in the area (and don’t seem to judge my lack of housekeeping skills.)  My parents are very much the same – need a sitter?  Done.  Need a hand with this or that?  Done.  Need someone to vent to? Done.  And free wood… my dad gives me lumber for different signs.  Barnboard, live edge, etc.  That’s a whole other blessing. 
– This amazing weather and the land we live on.  Our yard is far from perfect, but as the leaves begin to turn, or I bring in veggies from my garden, or I just go sit on the porch to relax, I’m always struck with how beautiful our property is.  The trees are tall and give us some privacy.  It’s beautiful any season… and with this extended warmth, I’ve been able to tackle more projects out on the deck and let more wood dry.  Win-win. 
– Random blessings.  Fresh picked apples on my desk at work, a note of thanks in my mailbox, my ice cap being paid for at Tim’s, a perfect cup of tea, a good book to read, a smile in the grocery store.
I could keep going, but today… that is what I’m grateful for.  Tomorrow, my list will be different I’m sure, but despite my more than occasional grumbles, I am blessed.  I am thankful. I need to remember that despite the hiccups in life, I am these things (thankful, blessed) and there is so, so much in my life to be grateful for.

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