Little Things That Feed My Soul

Do you ever stop to actually think about the things that feed your soul?  These are the things or moments that make you stop, pause, and breathe.  They will most likely be as unique as you are, though I’m sure many of us have many of the same items on our lists – the random minutiae that bring you a moment of peace, a spot of joy, or a bit of encouragement or life to your day. I’m also sure that you’ll never be able to list all the things that refresh you as many little moments pass us by and we don’t even realise that we’ve been uplifted for the moment.

These are some of the little things that are like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise busy life – for me! (Listed in no particular order.)

  • a butterfly on a wildflower
  • escaping in a book
  • a great cup of tea
  • a cool iced latte
  • doggy dreams (our beast howls so forlornly as he chases rabbits – it’s adorable)
  • laughter around the dinner table
  • a {gentle} hike through the woods
  • sitting quietly beside a body of water (any water… but not too many people, please)
  • a warm hug when I need it (I do not generally enjoy hugs)
  • a cuddly blanket on a cold day
  • cute shoes (on sale!)
  • art and music
  • understanding that I don’t have to understand above mentioned art or music, just appreciate it
  • ice cream dates
    Print available through Etsy
  • sunsets over a farmer’s field
  • first produce from the garden
  • a kind word or compliment
  • a smile from a stranger
  • being appreciated
  • baby belly laughs
  • fresh baked bread… with melted butter
  • modern calligraphy / handlettering
  • unexpected mail (that isn’t a bill or solicitation)
  • caring for someone else (RAOK)
  • handwritten notes
  • journalling
  • a good devotional
  • fresh local blueberries
  • pulling out my paintbrushes without a deadline or concrete idea (creating just for the need to create!)
Care to share some of your “feed your soul” highlights?  Perhaps you could even think of your friends’ and take the time to feed their souls… and bring a moment of refreshment to their day! Be a sweet spot of sunshine and find yourself blessed in the act of caring!

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