Menu Madness

The weeks I write out a meal plan and grocery list are the weeks I actually stay in a budget of sorts and don’t go mad when the dinner hour strikes.  I do meal plan most weeks, but the secret to this being successful for me is having an emergency meal or two on hand (something quick like grilled cheese or something frozen.) I’ve also started to include the boys in the decision making (and occasionally the prep depending on my mood.) I’ve also learned through trial and error that including classic, no-think meals is better than looking at my Pinterest boards and thinking I’m Martha Stewart.
Looking at the events of my week is also a big plus for being successful. There is a time for experimenting with something new, but if I’m having a week when I’d rather grab takeout than cook, all the meal planning in the world isn’t going to help me.  I need easy, peasy, no fuss ideas… and I need to remember to thaw my meat.
I know it’s only Wednesday, but it’s been hectic and I’ve not been feeling great.  Historically, tonight would be a great night for pizza (nothing wrong with pizza… but we’ve been a bit too lenient with that lately.)
So menu madness it is…. simple meals, taking an hour when I can to prep, and allowing variations from the plan.  (On Sunday, we ate subs because someone didn’t remove all the packaging before throwing the chicken in the crockpot and didn’t realise until I went to make the sides.  That was a meal plan fail… but points for trying, right?)
This weeks menu looks a little something like this:
– chicken wings, home fries, and fresh veggies (Kaleb’s pick – also the meal I ruined)
– Tex-Mex rice casserole packed full of veggies! (2.5 out of 4 approved)
– pancakes, sausage, and lots of fruit (breakfast for dinner never gets a complaint!)
– meatball soup and grilled cheese (something warm before we go out tonight)
– chili masquerading as a hearty beanless tomato sauce (I had left over ground beef to cook.  I will eat it as chili, the others may choose to eat it over noodles.  It’s already to go so tomorrow will be an easy meal!)
– chicken balls, rice, and salad
– crockpot stew or French dip sandwiches depending on my enthusiasm
None of these choices are elaborate, or even guest worthy, but they required very little prep – perfect for a crazy week when I can’t quite find my feet!

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