Book Review: A Stitch In Time by Beryl Kingston

A Stitch In Time by Beryl Kingston, my latest NetGalley title, was both excellent and easy to read! 

This historical novel was filled with descriptive prose and emotion.  Set during WW1 and the Roaring Twenties, the tale follows one family determined to make their way despite the hardships of life in lower-class London and the intertwining of their lives with an upper-class family full of dysfunction despite their wealth. 

Once I could read through the cant (mostly the first few chapters) I was enmeshed in Rose’s narrative. In turns heartbreaking, surprising, comical, and filled with grit, it was a remarkable book.

Women were extraordinary through the Great War and the lives they built afterwards were inspiring, as reflected in this work.  The determination to keep on – pull up the bootstraps and rely on each other, the resilience of families (as built by blood and by choice), and the hardships faced were unimaginable, but Kingston did well in painting this picture as a complete and colourful portrait of triumph in a rapidly changing landscape.

Note:  this title was first published in 1995 as Alive and Kicking.

Published by Agora Books; current publication date: November 22, 2018

I received a complimentary copy of this title courtesy of NetGalley and/or the publisher in exchange for my honest reviews. Opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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