Book Review: State of Lies by Siri Mitchell

Last night was a “rough night” as in I couldn’t fall asleep. So after lying there for sometime restless with my brain pinging endlessly, I decided I might as well read. Have you ever picked up a book and immediately wonder how the author can weave such a plot? State of Lies by Siri Mitchell had. me. hooked. As in, I read the entire book in one session. As in my husband rolled over in the wee morning hours and asked if I ever sleep. (No. The answer is no.) My 6 o’clock alarm came very quickly… but this book was worth it. Better than any dream I could have dug from the back of my imagination.

Action. Drama. Twists. Turns. Shattered Trust. Loss. Chaos. This book has it all. All espionage, political intrigue, danger, and lies. This novel is fast paced and kept me guessing at the beginning, and totally engaged at the end. My only complaint is that it was too short… and I found the post-climax writing a little…. slow? I honestly was surprised at how much I liked it – political suspense and physicists aren’t really my thing…. but life threatening incidents and doubts about everything and everyone, including yourself, while trying to maintain a normal existence? Dished up generously!

This title is published by Thomas Nelson (generally considered a Christian publisher.) However, unlike other books by this author, it skated across that genre – it wasn’t offensive, but it wasn’t faith-centric, at all. This is a non-issue for me, but if you’re familiar with their publishings, this might catch you by surprise a little – no verses, no church, no questioning of beliefs – other than those our heroine has of those she loves and trusts. I definitely recommend it as an exciting read. Watch for it to hit shelves August 13th and pick up a copy for yourself. You’ll thank me.

“I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley and the publisher. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.”

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