Grace in Chaos

Today was Sunday and our family makes a point of attending a local church service. Only half of us made it today… and that’s okay. We are involved in a lot of the aspects of the services and programs and have found places to serve – our church family and our community. Sundays don’t always go down smoothly.

Today I was frazzled. Some problem solving needed to happen with 5 minutes to service time, us running later than I would like, and me having to tell a number of people “no” or “not now.” (Those phrases always leave a layer of guilt. I’m working on that.) I was running on little sleep and that smile on my face wasn’t always genuine. In typical “us” fashion, we were rocking the whole “hot mess” type of thing.

My role in the service today was as service host. Welcoming people to our service. Praying for the congregation. Announcements and so forth. I was shaking (tiredness) and flustered (because, life.) I was honest and transparent and held it together and muddled through.

After service people approached me to say that different points of my role touched them. I don’t say this as a point of pride or in looking for assurances. I say it because even in our messes, when we’re hanging on by a thread, we can make a difference. Our words, our actions can impact someone’s day for bad or good… we can feel like we’ve made mistakes and we’re muddling through, but someone else sees grace and sincerity.

If I needed the reminder that even in my vulnerability and imperfection others can be touched, than someone out there may need that reminder too. You are more than your mess. You are more than the muddle. You have something that may speak to someone else’s soul, in the midst of your own every day chaos… and that is beautiful!

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