Mid-Year Update

You’d think in a world where we’re forced to slow down and stay at home, things would be easier for an extroverted introvert. Unfortunately, I feel likes it’s been harder to juggle things adequately while still maintaining healthy boundaries between work, home, health, parenting, and play. I recognize that my struggles haven’t been as heavy in some areas as others have experienced but also recognize that we’re all juggling our own plates – some of us better than others. In any case and all political discussion aside, I’m thrilled that we’re heading back into some of our normal activities even if I roll my eyes at some of what’s going on.

One of the big changes I’ve made recently has been avoiding certain social media platforms. If something doesn’t build you up or better you in some way in a world heavy with distractions, I’m all for pruning it out. I’ve found some outlets that are working better for me and having fun with my contributions.

A big celebration for us this month is the 8th grade graduation of our youngest. He’s been making do with a very strange school year and has missed out on many rites of passage compared to his brother’s experience. I think we have to hand it to students across Ontario – they’re remarkable. In our case, the boys have played the hands they’ve been dealt, but J. in particular has worked with commitment and responsibility and graduated his elementary school journey as an honours student with an academic award in mathematics and a community-sponsored award for perseverance. How on earth have they gone from being little chubby babies to high school students in the blink of an eye? I’m so proud of both of them.

Kevin and I also celebrated this month – seventeen years of wedded wonder. (Snicker, snicker…) We treated ourselves with a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls with a newly renovated room at the Sheraton Fallsview with a -you guessed it – view of the Falls. It also had a Juliette “balcony” and two queen beds. Best sleep I’ve had in months and the days were filled with nothing exciting – books, walks, naps, food – absolute bliss.

All in all, not much ever seems to change and yet everything seems to be constantly changing. I continue to read as my decompression strategy. I hope I’m imparting my kids with life skills and foundations for success. (NOT always without complaints, I might add.) I work. I feel. I hope I learn. And I continue to wonder how everyone always seems to have it all together.

Overall, I cannot believe we’re halfway through 2021 and I know we have some more changes on the horizon. I look forward to this with equal parts dread and excitement and possibly a big part of me that would comfortably settle for staus quo. Can we just press pause for a moment?!?

Our Ride Together

Today, I am grateful for the love of an incredible man. Fifteen years ago we were joined in holy matrimony (but the wedding did not go to plan. Yes, I’m still bothered.) Putting that aside, it was an amazing day – beautiful blue sky, surrounded by friends and family, overwhelmed with our love for each other.

Through the years, it’s not been all sunshine and cotton candy. (Why didn’t we have a cotton candy machine at our wedding?) We’ve had our ups and downs… but we’ve held onto each other the entire way.

We’ve had our share of arguments. We rode a roller coaster of emotions through two high risk pregnancies. We were blessed with two amazing boys. We’ve lived on a tight budget. We’ve had to stretch dollars. We face each day when it comes to my own health. We’ve lost family members. We’ve held new ones. We’ve travelled. We’ve stayed home on many a Friday night content with our own company, falling asleep on the couch while a movie plays across the room.

I’ve been tempted to wear ear plugs to bed (he snores so bad.) I’m sure he’s been tempted to put a heating pad under my sheets. (My feet are always cold.) We’ve held it together through hospital visits. We’ve lost it in the comfort of each other’s arms. We’re both a little squishier than the day we met.

Roller coasters – emotionally, physically, and even at the amusement park – he’s the man I want riding beside me every mile of the journey.

Happy anniversary, Kev!

It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been us… it’s always been love. I’m still crazy about you!