Little Bath Reno – Part 1

Our home is as old as I am. Unfortunately, she doesn’t show her age as well as I do. She’s a little more grey-haired and creaky-boned than a gal her age should be! She’s practical – ever practical – and does a fantastic job of keeping the elements off our heads (usually), but she seems to need a makeover rather desperately. She’s holding on to some elements of the 80s and she’s been reluctant to give them up (and not the good parts of the 80s like Cabbage Patch Kids or Sesame Street or side ponytails or neon leggings and bodysuits with leg warmers and headbands!) I really need to invest in some good wallpaper stripper – those borders and painted ceilings make me cringe.

When we moved into our home in late 2011/early 2012 we knew we would have some work cut out for us. We had grandiose plans of methodically taking our time and renovating the home on a shoestring budget, transforming the wrinkles and age spots into a comfortable modern, rustic nest. Unfortunately, the budget went to unplanned expenses and methodically became slowly became stalled. We’ve put paint on a few of the walls and my husband started to demo the second bathroom when we were at risk of falling through the floor due to the water damage caused by 30+ years of slow leakage. We’ve replaced hot water tanks, appliances, and our HVAC units. We’ve dealt with failing sump pumps, lawnmower expenses, and budget roof repairs. The house was livable, but not a thing like we envisioned.

After a year of my nagging, I believe Kevin got tired of the pressure regarding the bathroom. Before Christmas, he hired a contractor we know to come in and do the job for us. I am convinced this was a wise decision as the washroom was in worse shape than we realised when we started knocking tiles off the wall. Even though my wallet cries a little every time we make another decision, the overall project will be fabulous when it’s done!

I don’t think the bathroom will have quite the rustic charm I was initially hoping for, but every time I pop my head in to answer a question, I’m blown away by the transformation! No more mould-stained, crumbling and decrepit shower. No more cracked and stained vanity sink. No more ugly lighting. It will be a bright and clean usable space.

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*Funny story about the paint, I wanted to use the 2019 colour of the year – Blueprint – but I was vetoed. It doesn’t happen often when it comes to the design of a project, but he was having none of it. So I looked at a bunch of swatches in store and didn’t buy a sample can and made my selection. I hemmed and hawed over a ton of paint chips and, wanting to avoid “just grey” again, narrowed it down to two choices – Oceanic Climate or Half Sea Fog. I chose Oceanic Climate – just a shade lighter than Half Sea Fog – on the same sample strip. Then somehow we’re paying at the cash and I notice that it says Half Sea Fog on the can, but can’t remember what I asked for! (Was it my fault? Was it his fault? Did I pass the chip the wrong way? Am I going crazy? Regardless, I am living with the mistake… but not loving it.)

Overall, we’re thrilled with the change in the room. The shower is bigger and brighter (no more dark-tiled hole in the corner) and the finishes are more modern as well. The floors have been grouted today and the plumber is coming on Friday. The finishing touches are going into place this week. Soon it will be THE nicest room in our house and we’ll have two toilets again – which is great because one bathroom was getting rough!