Meal Plan Monday: April 1st Edition

This isn’t going to be a long post because I don’t have an actual meal plan in place for this week and it’s a little annoying. My weekend did not go as planned and some complications with Type 1 left me in the ER for most of yesterday. I suppose I could have planned instead of staring at the misaligned light fixture in the ceiling above my bed (also annoying) but my mind wasn’t really in that frame.

Tonight we pulled out that emergency skillet meal that Kev suggested I include last week. Tomorrow a friend is bringing us a meal. I’ll worry about the rest of the week later. Lunches are also creative because necessity is the mother of invention and I have no energy.

In other news, our 11 year old discovered some boxes of Jell-O in the pantry. I can only guess how long they’ve been there because A. I don’t remember buying them and B. I don’t like Jell-O. He’s been on a Jell-O making binge since Friday and even decided to try layering this afternoon (lemon, orange, and something red.) He’s requested that I include some in a very specific container in his lunch tomorrow so it will be “just like my own Jell-O cup.” Whatever. I’ll round it out with some shriveled grapes and frozen peaches because of that whole no groceries done situation. Maybe I’ll throw in some jalapeno gouda. Balanced lunch, indeed.