Blog Tour: The Book Hater’s Book Club

Sounds intriguing, right? Why would anyone who hates books be interested in a book club? The Book Hater’s Book Club by Gretchen Anthony was released this week and I’m seeing it on a lot of TBR and muat-read lists. If falls under the womens fiction umbrella and is being shared as part of the HTP Books Fall 2022 Women’s Fiction Blog Tour.

The premise is that the co-owner of a quaint bookshop can recommend the right book to turn any self-proclaimed nonreader into a lover of books. Unfortunately, he dies and his passing causes some complications for those he leaves behind and the bookshop must be saved!

Library Journal is toting this one as “an exuberant love song to the power of books, bookstores, and the durable community that they create. Laugh-out-loud funny, this book will restore hope to all those fearful for the survival of bookstores and libraries.”

Now, I’ve not read it for myself but I am a self-proclaimed book lover. And I love libraries, bookstores, and seeing the delight in someone when they find a book they love. And I’m always hard-pressed to name a title when someone is looking for a literary escape despite the hundreds of titles I’ve explored in my lifetime. And all of this begs the question – do you consider yourself an avid reader, a moderate reader, or a non-reader? More importantly what is one book you would recommend for any non-reader or someone who wants to get out of a reading slump?

The Book Haters’ Book Club
Author: Gretchen Anthony
ISBN: 9780778333067
Publication Date: September 13, 2022
Park Row Paperback Original