A New Ambition

While sorting through some bookshelves the other day, I found some old familiar friends:  my journals.   As I flipped through and read some of my musings, poems, etc. from days gone by, I was struck with a sense of melancholy – almost as though an essential element to who I am had gone missing.   I pondered why I’ve let this escape, well, escape me and all the usual excuses come to mind… no desire, no time, no inspiration.  This musing in turn had me think of other avenues of expression I’ve pursued and allowed to lie dormant – so here I am to resuscitate my “blog” in a new (and hopefully improved) format.

Please forgive my occasional rants, ramblings and numerous spelling and grammar (or is it grammer?) mistakes.  (I’ve had to correct myself 100 times in this sentence alone.   At times my fingers move faster than my brain or I have difficulties conveying my thoughts in a sensical manner).  

Welcome to a glimpse of the inner workings of my mind as I touch on all that is relevant (and often irrelevant) to my daily life – mainly my family.  You’ll also be exposed to the odd menagerie of news, info, gadgets, deals and more that I’ve stumbled across in my journeys.

I invite you to relate to my life, encounter my love(s),  share in my laughter and experience the elements of me!

♥ Linds

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