Christmas In February

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love a bargain!   I keep an ongoing list of individuals I need to buy for throughout the year and keep my eye open for those deals that work.   I have a tub (or 2) in the basement ready for gift-giving… including some last minute type gifts.  

Post-holiday is a great time to find those bargains, whether looking for next-season decor, stocking stuffers, gift sets, etc.  And when I say post-holiday, I don’t just mean Christmas.   You can find some spectacular deals after any major commercial holiday and save yourself a bundle. 

Not only am I always on the lookout for gift-giving or decor items at a steal, but my eyes are always peeled for craft kits and treats for rainy days, goody bags, Halloween, school celebrations and more.   As I browse some of my favourite sites (Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, and American Eagle), I’ll often take a quick detour to The Oriental Trading Company.  I’ve never purchased but they have fantastic craft ideas without having to necessarily invest in a kit.  With my own two monkeys and a handful of random daycare kids at any given time, we like creative but simple activities.  (If you have any websites you frequent, please share!)

The Oriental Trading Company site also has some adorable decor items.  I just love these melting snowmen:

Maybe one day I’ll actually make a purchase and let you know if it lives up to my online shopping standards.

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