Live Your Life Well

To start on a happy note, can I just say how much I love Pier1?  I have never, ever bought anything of significance there, I just love to browse that store.  I walk out with so many ideas and a desperate desire to win the lottery.   Today, I bought a lovely reusable tote that I will be using as a gift bag – it’s cute!

On a sadder note, this morning was the funeral service for a family friend, Colleen Mills.  Colleen’s in-laws are great friends with my grandparents and our families have many connections – business, church, school, community, etc.   Alec & Colleen are my parents neighbours and I babysat for them occasionally when their 3 children were much, much younger. 
My heart goes out to Colleen’s family and friends.  She was so sweet and a shining example of a woman of faith and kindness.  She suffered a heart arrhythmia on January 18th and despite many prayers and the best efforts of the medical community, passed away on Saturday, March 6th.

Here is a testament to how many people were touched by her and will be saddened by her loss: 

“Roughly 600+ people waited hours to pay their final respects to colleen and the family. During the wait was the opportunity to share stories of there interaction with Colleen and her interaction in their lives.” – Thom Mills (Colleen’s brother-in-law, in a blog entry dated yesterday at

That is a mark of life, that while much too short, was indeed well-lived.   The loss of her presence will be felt by many.  We continue to think of the family and offer prayers for comfort and peace in this difficult time.

What can I take from this sad event?  That I might leave behind a legacy of love and laughter when my time has come, that those who have lost might remember me fondly, that it too might be said of me, “She lived her life well.”

One thought on “Live Your Life Well

  1. Hi Linds,Your parents sent me this link. I am blessed. Blessed to see you at 28, delighted to know you are married with 2 children of your own, touched to read the testimony of how Colleen's fingerprints were left on your life.We have today, really – just today to “live our lives well” May we inspire one another to faithfully love Him with all our heart, mind, body and soul, and to love, in Him, those He brings into our lives. All's Grace,Ellen Fox (nee: Semple)


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