I’m On The Hunt For:

One delicious pot roast (oven or crock pot) recipe.  

Once upon a time, I had the most delicious recipe that wasn’t so much a recipe but a scribble on a scrap piece of paper culminating my trial-and-error attempts at fine-tuning my pot roast recipe.   All I can remember is that it involved ginger and onions!  

I would toss everything into the crock pot, cook on high for 4 hours and the roast would turn out tender, juicy and oh-so-tasty.  I could even make it from memory.  The last time I made it was Christmas 2008.  Somewhere along the way I lost a few brain cells (the ones that had the recipe filed away for safe-keeping!) and I unfortunately also lost the scrap of paper and for the life of me cannot duplicate the results. This makes me a little cranky when I’m anticipating a wonderful roast and end up with a mediocre replacement. 

I’m picky about roast – it has to be perfect for me to truly enjoy it.  We’ve had some ‘ok’ roasts since then…but none have lived up to my yummy perfect concoction.   I’m willing to try something new in an attempt to find a replacement, so pass along your roast-cooking tips, recipes and secret-ingredients!

One thought on “I’m On The Hunt For:

  1. Hey Lindsey., just reading this.Something I found quite by accident was putting the roast in the crockpot and adding about 1/2 cup barbeque sauce. Filling the rest of a 1 cup measure with Water.I've added things to it since I made it the first time, I add a 1 tbsp Worcestshire Sauce, Lawrys' Seasoning Salt, Mrs. Dash, and Pepper, 1 envelope of Bovril Beef Boullion and just let it simmer away.. So tender and perfect for Pulled Beef sandwiches, or with Potatoes and Vegies.


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