I Love My….

…hubby.   Kev’s the best.   I know I don’t always show how much I appreciate him (and his hard work) but I really do.   He is an amazing husband and father and I can’t imagine how different (and lacking) my life would be if we had not met.

…kids.   They light up my lives.  Two very active, excitable, crazy little monkeys come with their challenges and endless patience-testing occasions, but moreso, they come with hugs, cuddles, kisses, funny antics, and a ton of moments that make me stand back in awe and pride that I am so blessed to be their mother.

…kitchen gadgets.   I figured I should get the important stuff out of the way first, but now that everyone knows my priorities are straight I want to rave about my new T-Fal Actifry!   (Check it out on the T-Fal website.)   Kaleb won’t eat potatoes unless they’re in french fry form and I was feeling guilty feeding him the frozen variety too often (and let’s be honest, baked from frozen just doesn’t cut it.)   I tried fresh cut oven baked but they never came out ‘perfect.’  Always too crispy on the outside and hard in the middle, or mushy, or just yuck.   The Actifry has solved my problems and it only uses a tablespoon of oil!   We’ve used it for diced potatoes and I’ve made fries a number of times (easy-peasy to cut thanks to my Kitchen Stuff Plus house brand potato chipper.)  They come out golden and crispy.  Don’t be fooled though – this is no quick and easy fryer.  Still takes a good 30 – 40 minutes and it costs a pretty penny.   We got ours at Home Outfitters with a 25% off  coupon and I know they’re also available at Sears.    I still have to try wings and it came with a recipe book so I won’t be stuck on ideas.  I figure it’s an investment if I use it a couple times a week – I’m just a little sad it can’t make Olliebollen healthier!  To see some other reviews, just look up Actifry on YouTube.\

We’ve been busy, busy around here… but I promise to update soon with more insight into what’s been going on.    Big weekend ahead – Kaleb gets to meet his t-ball coach and pick up his uniform tomorrow.  Kev has 3 games this weekend.  Kaleb has a birthday party… and if the boys can manage to not beat each other up, we’ll probably be seeing the new Shrek movie too!

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