Tick, Tock….

Man, this year is just flying by!  I know they say that happens as you get older, but really, c’mon now, I’m not even 29….    Kaleb has less than 2 weeks of school left and it’s crazy to think how it seems like yesterday we were taking pictures of his first day of JK. 

It’s also amazing the things they pick up when their out from the sheltered life that mommy encourages.  I’m by no means overprotective and they are probably exposed to stuff that is slightly older than age-appropriate at times as a result of having slightly older kids in the house… but some of the things they say leads to some pretty mixed reactions – laughter and the knowledge I should probably address it because it’s wrong.
The most common refrain we here these days is the ever-popular “Well, you’re not my (blank) anymore.”  This always comes on the heels of someone they are playing with not wanting to play by their rules.  Everyone wants to lead and no one wants to follow.   Yesterday, Kaleb & Justin were arguing over who got which car and Justin (he’s just 3!) piped up with that line.  “You not my brother anymore.”   He got the last word in although Kaleb tried to convince him he had to move out if they were no longer related.

I get told I’m not their mommy anymore on a daily basis – it’s usually something I laugh off – but the refrain does get tiring! Ok well if I’m not your mommy anymore, I’m just gonna go do some un-mommyish things (i.e. be completely selfish) while you both fend for yourself.   No?  Don’t like that one, do you?  I guess you’re stuck with me then….

The “You’re Not My” line is generally followed by the retort (and ultimate penalty):  “Yeah, well you’re not invited to my birthday.”  (It matters not whether that birthday is in 2 weeks or 8 months… it’s a threat and unless you play nice, they’ll remember!)  In all fairness, I’ve seen many an adult behave in similar manner if albeit a little more smoothly and slightly more saccharine.

So, yeah, Kaleb’s picked up that and much more over the last 10 months and has been more than willing to share with his brother!  I accompanied a class trip to the local zoo on Friday and after watching the behaviour of his classmates, I could more readily see where some of the traits (and not all bad!) were coming from.

Tick, tock, with each day that’s passing by, I’m realising my little boys are not going to remain so little for so long!

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