Check This Out!

I’ve been channeling my creative energy and actually getting stuff done!  (I’ve also decided without a shadow of a doubt that next year I need to get my holiday move on waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in advance.  I’m feelin’ the pressure with a number of countdowns on the go – and all less than the 2 weeks away!)

On Tuesday, we went to Montana’s to celebrate my parents’ 30th anniversary (whoa, I just accidently typed 50 – seriously overdating them!) as well as my sister’s 25th birthday.  Big family dinner with all 13.5 of us – I’m sure the other restaurant patrons were happy when we called it a night – especially after Kaleb played paparazzi with Auntie B’s camera and focused on tables besides ours.

Here are some of the photos of the card I made for Mom & Dad (sorry, I can’t remember the name of the paper pack – it’s upstairs in the craft room and tonight I’m too lazy to go find out for you!)

I was so excited about the sophisticated silver theme… until I realised silver is for the 25th!  Whoops.  Still a pretty card and I really think the gift card pocket was a nifty little add-on.

Here is another project I’ve worked on (for details on my inspiration, check out my previous post!)

I picked up the blocks at Michaels the other day (25% off because of the fantastic US Thanksgiving sales.)  I would’ve preferred larger blocks but they were slim pickings!  I think these were an inch and a half or maybe even 2 – can’t quite remember.  The paper is from a pad I picked up last year post-Christmas from Walmart.  The boys have already started using them and it has alleviated many of the repetitive and annoying “How long til Christmas?” types of questions!

Here is my final completed project of the week (BIG BIG DISCLAIMER:  if you are my brother and sister-in-law, please read no further!  You only have to wait until Saturday before the reveal!!!)

I ‘created’ these for my nephew, Hawksley, who was a year old in July.  Wasn’t sure what to get for Christmas and wanted to stick to something heartfelt and homemade.  He’ll still get something fun to open but this is his ‘big’ gift.  I talked to Krystel the other day and she said he could use stuff for his room – that made me think that I could easy pull off something like this – I’m just hoping they’re done in the right colour scheme.

The first picture shows how I was going to originally keep them but I’m an embellishment kind of girl so the second picture shows the end result after I dug through my stash!  I got the wooden letters at Michael’s and painted them with acrylic paint.  The papers are WeRMemory Keepers (Precious Metals – Coppered Out kit from Winners or HomeSense once upon a time.)  Buttons (Latte), ribbon (Double Stitch Grosgrain in Chocolate Chip) and brad (Designer Circle) are from Stampin’ Up (thanks to Karey Jeans @ Creative Craft Corner for my recent order!)  The rub-on phrases were from a pack I picked up at the Sandylion outlet last year.  I sanded the papers, modpodged it all and then gave it a UV gloss sealant.  I think the letters turned out pretty well – and my boys loved them so much they’ve requested I make initial hangers for their room. 

Countdown takeout boxes?  Yeah… don’t ask… they’re a runaway train – or maybe more like a car that ran out of gas (in that I was all gung-ho and then lost my excitement for that particular project.)  Should’ve just bought the kit (my advice to anyone considering that project – JUST BUY THE KIT!)  They’re almost done – just have to attach ribbon to 12 more boxes and stuff them with delights (well, in our case, puzzle pieces from a Nativity puzzle I found somewhere…)  Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll get it all tied up and can show you the finished project.  Note to self:  next time buy the kit!

This week is a busy one – lots of yummy (as in food) gifts to complete and I’m going to attempt cute little recipe books.  On a final note, does anyone know anywhere besides Michael’s for good crafting supplies (even if it’s online?)  I’m looking for other sources for chipboard diecuts, wood supplies, etc. but at reasonable cost and with good selection.   Share, please and have a great week – only 27 days til Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Check This Out!

  1. i love our anniversary card and gift card, and i think the initials are adorable.looking forward to seeing the rest of your creative projects…


  2. Aha!! I found them 🙂 Lindsey, I had no idea how crafty you were! I was once upon a time but life just gets busy! Although I do believe I am going to find time to try this craft!!!Kristin


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