Hello, New Year!

I realise it’s been awhile since I last posted but we’ve had a busy month and a bit around here.   We’ve been on-the-go enjoying multiple Christmas get-togethers with family and friends, fighting an on-going battle with germies, and taking some much-needed downtime doing absolutely nothing.

We had enjoyable, but extensive, Christmas celebrations but got to enjoy a quiet Christmas at home with just us.  We attended church Christmas eve where I learned my boys DO NOT sit well or quietly for more than 15 minutes!  We sure do clean up nicely though 🙂

New Years Eve was a quiet affair.  The monkeys were in bed by nine.  Kevin & myself quietly whiled the evening away and brought in the New Year with not much more ado than a kiss.

The New Year always brings to mind resolutions and fresh slates.  I’m not much a ‘believer’ in resolutions, probably because I tend to forget about them.  This year, there are no resolutions per se, just an intention to be a happier person, have more patience, live a more active, healthier lifestyle, budget wiser (my sister is engaged – you need sunglasses to look at the rock! She’ll most likely be geting married in California – the cost of that trip x4 is crazy expensive so no more shopping for Lindsey!) and of course, to craft a little more!

Speaking of crafting, I haven’t done much over the holidays.  I made some fabulous recipe books (but ran out of time to print the recipes) for all my friends that participated in our annual treat exchange.   I borrowed the pictures from a friend’s FB page because I forgot to actually take photos myself. 


I also made another tin photo star, this time for my sister’s future mother-in-law.  I tried to start on my own photo star, but really had a hard time narrowing down my photo choices.

Last night after an exhausting bedtime routine, I also tackled some cardmaking… birthday cards for special people are always fun and I used a couple of my Christmas gift certificates to pick up magazines (for inspiration) and supplies.   I can’t show you the cards yet because the recipients have yet to receive them… but I’ll post pictures as soon as I can.

I’ve ordered some big project supplies online to tackle Christmas gifts and personal treats.  I’m seriously debating trying to stockpile some completed craft projects (wreaths, stars, cards, etc.) and getting involved in one of the smaller Christmas craft shows in the area… or trying to sell online.  Decisions, decisions…

Hope you all had a happy, peaceful holiday season and that the love of Christmas will brighten your homes throughout this new year.  May 2011 bring health, happiness and success to all my friends and family.

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