Wishlist Wednesday

Time for another new feature.  I figure if I know I have to come up with an entry on regular topics with a modicum (ooh fancy word!) of variety, I might just manage to not go weeks without blogging anything.  Welcome to the new installment of “Wishlist Wednesday”. 

Today’s wishlist features built-ins, organization and decor I would love to see in my house one day:

1.  I’m craving wall to wall bookshelves in the living room.  Not quite sure how it would work as the window frame on the west wall sits under the recess of the bulkhead where the bookshelves would be.
2.  Cube display shelves.   Between the living room and so-called dining room we have a half-wall with no function whatsoever.  I would like to add cubes and possibly recessed lights to make it a display shelf of sorts.

3.  This picture doesn’t quite show what I’d like, but it gives you an idea.  The depth of the fireplace and space between the windows would be ideal to incorporate some shelves or media cabinets when we finally get around to finishing the fireplace.  We would of course add a mantle and trim and hopefully the tv will be wall mounted above.

4.  I really want an entryway bench or table with some shelving above.  I love this one from Pottery Barn but it costs a fortune!  Maybe I can thrift something and give it a paint job over the summer. 

5.  I fell in love with these decorative plates from Pier1 the very first time I saw them.   Initially I wanted them for the dark wall in the living room… but if you refer back to item #1 on the wishlist, there just wouldn’t be anywhere to hang them.  We could alter the bookcase idea to work around it though.   If that’s a no-go I have a lovely little wall in the eat-in kitchen that would be perfect for these plates.

Happy Wednesday!

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