Menu Mayhem Monday: Week 5

The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind.  Is it spring?  Is it winter?  Let’s freeze one day, snow the next and melt it all down a few days later.   I find the weather actually affects my cravings and eating habits – and this wonky weather has me just as confused as it seems to be.   I want light spring-time meals, I want tummy-warming comfy food, I want someone else to cook for me for once!

I made it 2 weeks without doing a major grocery shop again (so proud!) – with just a quick run to replace some of the consumables (aren’t all groceries consumable?  I don’t think that’s the word I want… but my brain is not cooperating this morning.)

Here is our mealplan for the next week aka – week 5:

  • Turkey Pasta Bake (made this last night so I just have to bake in the oven – hooray for easy meals!)
  • Turkey Stew
  • Turkey Pot Pie (using leftovers from the Turkey Stew)
  • Maple Chicken, Brocolli & Rice
  • Perfect Roast Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes, Spinach Citrus Salad & Fresh Cut Veggies
  • Pulled Pork, Fresh Rolls & Asian Coleslaw
  • Pulled Pork Pizza

& a spare:

  • Lasagna

All of it sounds delicious… although I seem to be going through a poultry phase. Strange!  I’ve never made the turkey stew or turkey pot pie but I figure it should be simple enough to substitute the turkey for the chicken in a couple of my no-fail recipes.  

Now that I’ve made up my mind, let’s hope the weather will do the same…and preferably leaning towards spring!

One thought on “Menu Mayhem Monday: Week 5

  1. we did pulled pork in the slow cooker last week, i thought it was yummy, some of the others thought it was a bit to tomatoe saucey. Let me know how yours turns out, I may need to try your recipe in the future. xoxo mom


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