I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog.   I think that sometimes life just gets busy and alot of things get the out-of-sight-out-of-mind treatment.  (You don’t even want to imagine the piles of laundry I have stashed in my room awaiting the closet?)   I know I also ebb and flow in regards to what gets that precious slot of free time – somedays I want to browse, somedays I want to craft, somedays I want to write, somedays I want to organize and clean (what!?!), somedays I want to curl up with some good books.  

So no regularly scheduled programs this week (or last for that matter.)  You’re just out of luck until my frame of mind changes, I suppose.   On a side note, my meal plan this week is semi-existant… but because it’s week 2 of the big grocery shop, it’s not exciting – pasta, chicken, chicken soup, pasta again, chicken again, and whatever else I can scrounge up from the freezer and my pantry.
Here’s some of the cards I’ve completed recently but haven’t shared:

The bridal shower invitations took time – I had to make more than 40 of them!  And silly me didn’t think of running the blank cards through the printer to include all the vital info before I crafted.  Whoops!  I made them with blank cards (Walmart), pink & black cardstock – it’s a nice bright pink but it looks more salmon-y on my screen – ick!, charms & ribbon from Michael’s, and I stamped/heat embossed the sentiment.   Then because of that above mentioned mistake, I printed the details on paper and adhered inside.  Yup, I’m brilliant!

Blank inside, made from basic cardstock and then I used some of the fun dollar store papers I got in my stocking from my sister at Christmas.  Appropriate because she and her fiance were the recipients of the card – made for their engagement party.  Hardware was from Winners or Homesense, purchased in a good sized pack – but I don’t remember who made it and I’m too lazy to go look!
This sweet little card was made for my niece – although I think she’s still just a little too young to appreciate it.
And last but not least, the “dream big” card  was crafted for my brother’s birthday using scraps – but it’s one of my favourite to-date!
The boys continue to countdown (in months – less than 3) the time remaining until our big California trip.   What with shower planning, multiple birthday parties, day-to-day mundane and still fighting off miscellaneous bugs in our house, I feel like I haven’t been on the ball with planning or researching our destination.   I know we’ll be in Palm Dessert/Palm Springs area at the first leg of our journey and we have to hit the beach and Disneyland at some point after that… but as to logistics (i.e. our flight!) we’re at a stalemate.  I still need to apply for the monkeys’ passports too! 
On top of that, we can add spring rec programs & registration to my list of neglected items.  What with the need for hats, mitts and down-filled coats, it’s hard to believe that spring programs start up soon.  Also, with the tight budget I’ve been placed on, I’m waivering on whether to enroll them in anything at all. That big family vacation mentioned above means no Sport Ball and no semi-private swim lessons this spring.   I’m leaning towards group swimming lessons followed up with tee-ball & 4-or5-pitch in the summer.   Great plan, fun for the kids and softer on the wallet, but I need to get on the whole enrollment thing.   Decisions, decisions…  what are you family rec plans this spring & summer?

2 thoughts on “N-E-G-L-E-C-T

  1. Linds, we did “group” lessons last year at Newcastle and ended up with my monkeys and one other boy, one of the times, and two other boys the other time.


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