Potty Talk

I’ve reached a new low and will be dedicating today’s post to toilet seats.  In my own defense, when you’re outnumbered 3-1 in the male/female ratio, ‘potty talk’ becomes the (unfortunate) norm. 

Today we took a quick trip to Home Depot to buy a replacement seat for our ensuite toilet.  (We also had to replace the patio door handle because I broke the actual handle right off last week – but that’s another story!)  The builder-grade seat that came with the house has turned colour and started to peel – odd considering it’s the least-used bathroom in our home.   

We thought it would be a quick in and out – I mean how many toilet seat options can there really be?  And then reality hit and we remembered that nothing is ever a quick in and out with two monkeys in tow, multiple bathroom trips, an overwhelming level of energy and a wall of toilet seats.     We found what we needed – budget friendly basic white but this is what caught my eye:

Kohler Transitions(R) Quiet-Close(Tm) Toilet Seat

I know – it’s a toilet seat!  It’s not really worth getting excited about especially because we’re through the major potty stages, but, geez!, someone was thinking when they came up with this (apparently not unique according to Google) concept. 

I don’t think the picture I’ve shown is the exact model we found as the monkeys flip-flipped up every toilet seat on display, but the idea is there:  a toilet seat with built in potty!  The one in store was cheaper and the potty insert stays tucked into the lid magnetically.  Great idea and I wish I’d known about these when we forayed into the overwhelming world of potty training.   If budget was not a concern, I’d still consider replacing at least two of our toilet seats to avoid little bums splashing into the bowl and the ick-factor of the removable potty inserts.  Hmmm….

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