Breakin’ In

It’s March Break/Spring Break here and woohoo – the weather, with the exception of today’s off and on drizzle, has been cooperating!  What gorgeous SPRINGlike days we’ve been enjoying.   The kids (my monkeys and a couple of daycare sidekicks) were so thrilled that we got to spend hours outside on Monday – the playground was damp & spongy but with rain boots, who cares? And we broke out the chalk (it looks like we had a rash of bodies dropping dead on the driveway!)  We went for a walk and just enjoyed the fresh air without freezing – we even survived without mittens – wow!

Yesterday was a trip to the mall to buy new runners for the boys – we tried their ‘old’ ones on and it resulted in tears and squishy toes.  I think they’ve both had growth spurts.  Can you believe that with just a tad more than 18 months between them, they’ve got the same size feet?  And wanted the same shoes?  And they’re both in that awkward phase between ‘toddler’ shoes and ‘junior’ shoes?  And they like labels?   Shoe shopping with two little monkeys ≠  fun times!  Luckily, we found what we wanted at SportChek (always buy one, get one half off on kid shoes) so we limited the chaos to one location.   We found the cutest little DCs (phooey expensive!) for Kaleb – with real laces, yikes – and some Lego shoes for Justin (half price).  Ended up being about $35 each but I figure it was reasonable for ‘labels’ when you consider you can spend upwards of $30 at Payless for kids.  Sheesh!

We also hit the library and the rec centre (same building).  Boys are both registered for lessons – semi-private for Kaleb and group for Justin.   Different days.   I waited too long and got stuck scrounging for whatever spaces I could get.    (Remember that recent post about neglect and procrastination?)

Today we had some sidekicks spend the day again.  Because of the wet weather factor, we opted for an indoor day   The kids broke out board games, coloured, played Wii Family Game Night 2 from the library (free = fantastic!), watched “Diary of A Wimpy Kid” on Netflix, begged me to make chocolate chip banana muffins, exercised their fantastically amazing imaginations, did a little “freeze” dance and we experimented with making our own Chinese Yo-Yos (you know – those strips of paper wound tight around a dowel that you flick out and they coil back in?   Note:  scrapbook paper is too heavy but strips of wrapping paper worked great.   Tape it to an unsharpened pencil, wind it up and let it fly!   Cheap entertainment.)   Overall a busy day.   Although busy, I didn’t find it stressful per se – it’s amazing how different personalities contribute to different group dynamics and besides a few brotherly squabbles, they all got along pretty well.

Tomorrow is a playdate in the afternoon and I’ll probably head out to the local party store to look at some shower tea party supply options in the AM.   Hoping the hall I’ve rented doesn’t have a no-decor policy!  Didn’t see anything in the contract so fingers are crossed!

Friday, I get to wait in the passport office with the monkeys – more fun times ahead I’m sure.  Thank goodness for those wonderful, portable, easy-to-keep-them-amused gadgets also known as “DS’s”.  After that, we’ll see… and finally to kick off our last day of the break, Sunday afternoon we’ll be heading to the Rogers Centre to see Disney On Ice:  Toy Story 3.   (Coupon code:  SING on the $34 tickets.)   Note to anyone in Durham:  We don’t have a Ticketmaster outlet anymore…. you’re stuck driving to Scarborough or Lindsay.  I say save the gas money and pay the fee to print your own.  Seriously wish I had known all this before checking out – whoops!

Here is our menu of sorts for the week:
Monday – frozen pizza (we needed something fast before our 6:15 dental appointment)
Tuesday – Kev treated me to Boston Pizza, with 2 free kids meals, it was a nice treat.
Tonight – Spaghetti with meat sauce
Thursday – Italian sausage, roasted potatoes, mixed veggies  – where’s the green in honour of St. Patrick’s Day – hmmm we’ll have to think on that one!
Friday – Chicken of some variety
Saturday – ????  Your guess is as good as mine!

But hey, it’s been 2+ weeks since the big grocery shop and I just did a small top-up on the weekend so we’re doing okay.   Here’s hoping you’re all breakin’ out of your routine and breakin’ in your smiles!  Happy March Break!

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