Little Critters

I have a dilemma.  I have a shed to store the lawn mower, miscelanneous garden equipment, outdoor toys and the like.  Last fall, I did some yard work, filled the yard waste bags… and tossed them in the shed.  Shed got closed for winter and yard waste bags were forgotten.   Well, sometime throughout the winter, the boys wiggled the door open and it never actually got closed again – no big deal – except the sliding doors on the shed have come off their hinges and we’re missing some screws so they need to be rehung.  Which means our shed is still wide open.  Still no big deal…

I’ve done some yard clean up (i.e. dog droppings) and ran in and out of shed to pick up the pooper scooper.   I’ve run into the shed to grab a rake.  I’ve run into the shed to look for bubbles.  I’ve never seen hide nor hair of any creature in the shed – which is shocking because when we usually do our spring yardwork and bring out the patio furniture, I have to wash up all the toys and hose down the bottom of the shed due to mouse poop.

Last weekend I went to let Diesel out first thing in the morning and saw a crittter out of the corner of my eye scampering into the shed.   It looked big – like a large rat or a muskrat – but why would we have muskrats in our shed???  Well, I went about my day and Kev texted me to say it wasn’t actually Rats Of Unusual Size, but two little bunnies.  I scoffed!  No way was what I saw a bunny… but sure enough every morning and every evening the bunnies come outside the shed to bask in the sun and enjoy some nibbles in the grass.  We figure have nested in the yardwaste bags that now have giant holes in them.  

(In my defense, the other day a ‘larger’ critter skulked it’s way through my garden… so maybe something is ‘hunting’ the bitty bunnies?  I dunno!)  Here’s my critter dilemma… all the kids have grown accustomed to watching the bunnies in the yard, want to give them carrots and Diesel completely ignores them.   Do I let them stay and use our shed as an oversized bunny apartment?  Or do I kick them out and actually get that shed cleaned and the yard tidied?    I’m too soft-hearted – I don’t want to evict the bunnies from their home.

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