It’s Just So (P)Interesting!

I’ll ‘fess right up and admit, I’m addicted.   The first time my mom referred me to Pinterest, I didn’t get it.  It was busy and confusing and who has the time for another distraction?  I must have been having a bad day!   My cousin commented (maybe on one of my previous posts?) that I would love Pinterest and should check it out.   So I did!

Well, my days have a bit more routine (until school ends next week and we start all over) and I’m finding a little more time for me while still managing to keep kids safe & entertained.  I also (unfortunately) realised there is a Pinterest iPhone app – which is just so convenient – and now I’m addicted!  In the less than 2 weeks since I’ve joined, I have 11 boards & 66 pins with more being added daily.

Quick Screenshot of My Pinterest Account

It’s such a convenient place to track all the unique and interesting things I find as I journey through cyberspace.  I can keep picture references, links, and more all organized in one quick click and share my finds with others.    This of course means I can also browse other people’s unique finds and add them to my boards.   It’s like a big virtual bulletin board system – a place to create dreams, find inspiration, share ideas and more!  I love it!!!   If you want, follow me:     If you’re not already a member, you’ll need an invitation to join (which you can get right at the site or let me know your contact info and I’ll send you an invite.)

It’s just so interesting & I can’t seem to get enough!

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