Forgotten But Not Forsaken

I realise it’s been a little more than 2 months since my last post.  Most already know that life has just been super, crazy busy here and we’re just rolling with the changes.     I’m no longer doing daycare and it was a fabulous decision because it means I’ve managed to squeeze in extra hours crafting and developing a little hobby business called “Wisdom & Whimsy“.   For now, I’ve got a Facebook page showcasing cards, gifts & home decor items I’ve crafted with some power-tool help from Kevin.   Lots of custom orders rolling in… aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I’ve been using the chop saw all by myself.  Scary, I know, but so far I’ve managed to keep all 10 fingers!

Also in recent changes, our house was on the market, and we put an offer in on a cabin-y cozy bungalow on 2 acres about 30 minutes north of where we are now.  The last day of our offer on the new place, we tied up all the loose strings on the sale of our house and all is good – in the first week of January, we take possession of the new house and the 2nd week of January, we turn in the keys on this place.  Ch-ch-changes!

The boys will be in a more rural school, busing to and from.  Justin is excited because he’ll be in school 5 days a week (just like Kaleb!).   Kaleb is more of a thinker and he chews on all the little what-ifs – he says he’s excited though and can’t wait for a tire swing and a tree fort…. me?  I’m just happy the neighbours won’t be able to hear our incredibly loud existance.

That’s been life here in a nutshell.  I may have forgotten to post regularly, but I definitely wasn’t ready to give this up.   Hopefully now that life has somewhat resettled – as resettled as can be with less than 2 months to pack and move – I’ll get back into the swing of regular blog posts!

2 thoughts on “Forgotten But Not Forsaken

  1. Life does get busy and that means exciting new things! Best of Luck on the move to my old hood!I actually went to CCPS grade 7/8, it's a great school! XO Tammy @ In R Dream Blog


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