Another Day, Another Dollar

Yesterday, we had a (rare) opportunity to enjoy a non-fast-food, kid-free-meal at the Keg.  Delicious!  It was an enjoyable evening celebrating my not-so-little sister’s birthday with family and friends.   Conversation did not consist of arguments about which superhero is faster or who’s toy is whose… but involved topics about government, health care, hobbies and *gasp* budgets. 

With the change in career path I’ve taken (from a small but regular income to a sporadic income helping to cover my craft addiction) and the purchase of our new home, budget (which hasn’t ever had a lot of stretch) is now rubber-band-about-to-snap tight.  I do well with my grocery budget and always feel guilty for those occasional meals I just don’t want to cook.  However, I’m feeling a lot less guilty about those sometimes escapes from the kitchen – particularly after our bill (and babysitting costs) last night.

My sister-in-law put things in perspective when she looked at their bill and mentioned the home improvements they could fund but get put off because “we just don’t have the extra money right now.”   I looked at our bill and realised it was almost half the cost of my 2 week grocery shop – yikes!!!   I’m not complaining – we definitely enjoyed our evening out and how can you go wrong with filet mignon and adult company?  But… I did have to wonder how other people (random strangers – uh, or maybe even Kevin & I while we worked full-time and didn’t have kids) can justify regular entertainment or dining out multiple times a week?  It’s funny how budget priorities change – and I’m feeling a little better about our $12 fajita dinner for 4 tonight – or the occasional take-out subs.

One thought on “Another Day, Another Dollar

  1. Its so true just how things change. We never thought twice before kids about blowing 100 on dinner…now i get sick about 40. But we too do enjoy it still once and a while. @inrdream


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