Frame of Mind

In between my crazy packing blitz, I’ve been brainstorming for a number of projects I’ve been asked for input on. One project invovles some empty frames and an office – what can be done without adding more of the same-old photos or prints to the wall? These are some of the ideas I’ve had and of course, between Google & Pinterest, I’ve seen once again that there truly is no such thing as a new idea!

From Bella Home Fashions

Skeleton keys are really big in home decor right now. These framed rustic keys on burlap from Bella Home Fashions are delightful in their simplicity, which makes a knock-off easy to reproduce if you can find some keys you love.

From Royal Bebe Shoppe

I’ve seen some similar ideas with keys grouped and framed, or instead of being mounted on burlap, being mounted on textured wall paper scraps. I’ve also seen other curios (bats for halloween, interesting knobs, etc) displayed similarly. These make a charming home-decor piece that I might just have to try for myself!

Other ideas using burlap include stamped or stencilled art – think fleur de lis, crowns, damask, monograms, or whatever works for your decor scheme. You can buy stencils or create your own. To frame the art, I would get a piece of project board from Home Depot cut to fit your frame, stamp or stencil your burlap, stretch tightly around the board and staple to the back. Easy, peasy.

From Homemakin & Decoratin Blog

If you’re into the whole monogram thing, you can spruce up an inexpensive frame using wallpaper scraps, scrapbook paper (depending on the size of your frame), or even fabric as your background and add a bold monogram (wooden, vinyl, or whatever other type of material you can find that suits your purpose).

If you want to make a simple, bold statement, skip the patterned background and just use a monogram on a solid backing and mat it for a contrast, if you’d like. If you’re not into monograms, you can frame a selection of coordinating fabrics or wallpaper to suit your scheme.

Butterfly Wall Art, Cozy.Cottage.Cute

Another fun idea is a collage – fabric or paper – providing a whimsical piece of art. I love this butterfly one (above) seen on Cozy.Cottage.Cute. This can be done as butterflies, hearts, flowers, whatever tickles your fancy, using scrapbook paper, glue dots and a paper punch. I also love this fabric collage (below) that I saw on Pinterest one day – no tutorial but it’s a great idea.

Fabric Collage – Pinterest

If that’s too much work, you can frame antique or everyday maps – make it extra-special by showcasing locations important to your family – where you met, where you married, where you live, where you’ve travelled, honeymooned, etc., like in this idea from Minimoz (below).   If hearts aren’t your thing, just mat and frame as a regular print.
Map Love from Minimoz

(I apologize for the poor formatting – for some reason, I just can’t seem to get my margins, spaces & photos to align the way I want!)

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