A Burst of Colour

I know it’s been so long since the last post… and I feel like every new entry I’m apologizing for the span between… but life get’s busy and some days it seems as if we’re just settling into a working routine after “the big move.”

We’ve been in the house just under 3 months and haven’t even begun to scratch off the items on our to-do list.   We’ve survived the move, the school transfer, the bus mishaps (they forgot to drop off my kids not once – but twice – since mid-January!) We’ve survived a small basement flood, a larger basement flood, a thunderstorm, a snow day, and March break.   We’ve met some neighbours, met the original owner, met (& sheltered overnight) 2 runaway Kuvasz dogs  – one who decided to walk right in the house when I opened the screen door to the deck.   Needless to say, life goes on, life gets busy, life is seldom without it’s adventures.

I really want to maintain the blog now that we seem a bit more settled and our internet isn’t so sketchy.  (Ok, it’s still sketchy – rural internet generally is – but fingers crossed, it will continue to work as smoothly as it’s working today!)

I decided that this month, I’m going to try to follow as many prompts from the Scrapbooks Etc. April photo challenge as I can.   It will give me a springboard to launch a post from – even if it’s just a sentence or two to capture the thought behind the image…. and maybe someday I’ll actually scrapbook them.

April 1:   Colour Challenge

I’ve had this clivia for some time and it’s just sat there – green and not so pretty.  It was an offset from my mom’s plant.  After we moved, I put my houseplants (all 4 of them!) in the hot tub room.   It’s all enclosed, windows on all sides and a few skylights but not so warm as the main house.  On a good day it retains a damp heat but through the winter months it could be chilly.   I wasn’t sure my plants would survive.  

Earlier this week, I moved my pots back into the house.   My rubber plant & some other green one I can never remember the name of boasted tons of new shoots.   My tropical grass didn’t survive.   My clivia was finally full of buds!  Woohoo!   I’ve been waiting impatiently all week to see these beauties open – and this morning they finally provided a burst of vibrant colour for an otherwise dreary day!

Tomorrow… I’ll share a new card or two I’ve made.

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