It’s In The Cards…

I haven’t been crafting as many cards lately as I did, say, oh the 2 months before Christmas.   For some reason I find it harder to create all occasion cards that are attractive.   I find inspiration on Pinterest, through some magazines, various blogs – but when it comes down to it, Christmas cards just seem to be my thing.

This is one of my most recent cards, a set of 4 made for my Wisdom & Whimsy group.

It’s blank inside… which makes it perfect for a girlfriend’s birthday, a wedding shower, or just because.   It’s simple… but I feel like it’s just missing something.

Here is another simple card I’ve created for Wisdom & Whimsy since “the move.”  I found the charms, used as my sentiment, at Michael’s in the clearance department and thought they were too good a deal to pass up.  I wasn’t thinking ‘card’ when I bought them, but I saw a similar idea through an online print shop for wedding stationary and thought they would work perfectly well on a thank you card.  

I’ll have to set aside some time to card-make using the tons of photos and cardmaps I’ve clipped and saved…. first I have to find the desk in my craft room.  Why is it so hard to keep my creative space neat?

PS – I’m off a day on my photo-challenge-inspired blogging…   cards were yesterday, black & white is today.  I had to get some broken molars repaired last night – again – and wasn’t feeling up to blogging when I got home.  This is the second time they’ve fixed them and I have no idea how I keep breaking them in the same spot.  I really wish they’d stay ‘fixed’ though – the ladies at the dentist’s office and Dr. Gold, himself, are all lovely… but it’s not my favourite place to hang out.  I like my space and hands in my mouth is just way too invasive *shudder*.  I walk away from every appointment with a tension headache and my poor gums are so bruised.  I deserve chocolate.  Or a frappucino.  Or a Tim Horton’s mango smoothie because they’re my new favourite drink in a town that has limited coffee shop options.

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