Black & White

Nothing in life is as simple as black and white.   Yes, there are obvious rules and morals that are clearly defined, but not everything fits so neatly into such a categorization.   Black & White is the inspiration for today’s second photo-challenge inspired post – I’m back on track!  

When talking photos, black and white can hide some not-so-perfect elements in an image you’d like to capture.   I find sepia can do the same.  Using basic camera settings on newer digital models or a decent image-editing software, you can pretty up those pictures that otherwise just look “blah.”    Generally while crafting with images, I use a sepia or black & white – it just eliminates distractions in the photo and gives everything a more polished look.

When talking about my life, nothing (minus a good extent of my wardrobe!) is so boring (or is that sophisticated as?) black and white… but here I present three of my favourite “things” – in monochrome.

This is one of my favourite features of the new house.  The fieldstone fireplace sits opposite a bank of  large, bright windows.  It shares the focus of the living room with the tv (of course!)   It’s no longer wood burning – it’s had a propane unit installed, the mantle needs improving, and there are some cracks in the stone hearth – but I love it!

The living room is one open space with a patio door entrance to the deck, stairs to the basement, and and eat-in kitchen.  It has lovely tall ceilings and a few skylights.   The fireplace makes the room.

I need to take down that lamp and we have to figure out our lighting situation – so for now it stays.  See those boxes on the right?  All books… I want to put a floor-to-ceiling built-in where the dog bed and boxes are now sitting to make better use of that space.   I took the photo in black & white because I can’t stand my yellow-painted walls.  Isn’t the fireplace itself lovely though?

In my colourful world, I need a reminder to live not so colourfully.  This is currently my favourite Bible verse if I can actually pick just one favourite.   Believer or not, the words are just so true and applicable to everyone.   Life would be so much more peaceful if we all took them to heart.

“…let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.”  James 1:19      One day, you may see this tattooed in a nice script inside my wrist – because I am NOT always a good listener, I OFTEN speak without thinking, and I have a very quick TEMPER.   It’s a lesson I need to learn!

Finally on this very short tour of my life in black & white, I share one of my all-time-keep-it-framed-on-the-fireplace pictures of my boys.   (Edit:  I can’t find the actual digital file… but I found one taken the same day!  Darn.   The memories are still the same though even if the photo doesn’t quite invoke the same feelings of heartmelting awesomeness.)

This photo (and the one that has gone AWOL) was taken in the summer of 2008.   Justin would have been just a year and a bit, and Kaleb was almost 3.    I love seeing the Kevin interact with the boys… and this day, even though they were far too young to interact with the RC car Kevin still has tucked away in the basement, the day was filled with giggles, grins, and maybe a few tears if the car came too close.   Aw, sweet memories – no doubt about it, this guy loves his boys!  

One thought on “Black & White

  1. Glad you're back!!!I love this pic of Kev and the boys too! And I love your new home…several warming features! xoxo


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