Ginger Snap Scraps: Mega Mother’s Day Giveaway

Do you ever stop to think about how social media has changed the dynamics of consumer, business, and even personal networking? Do you ever dial “0” for the operator or call 411 when looking up a telephone number? When you need to get in touch with someone – for a quote, for an order, for a quick question – do you pick up the phone (forget writing a letter or sending a fax!) or do you send a text, an instant message, or an email?

The internet and social media are amazing things – providing access to information and ways of interaction to an extent we never imagined even 10 years ago. Here’s an example of how you can just stumble across something wonderful.

On a random blog, I found an example of some paper crafting projects and stamping products I loved. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anyone who was a rep for Stampin Up. —->

Head over to Stampin’ Up website and locate a local consultant. ——>

Place an order online and find out said consultant has a blog and a Facebook page – both of which I now follow. —->

Via Facebook, learn that my consultant knows someone who is opening a new (FABULOUS!) online scrapshop called Ginger Snap Scraps. —->

Impatiently wait for online shop to open, follow Facebook page and the store’s blog —>

Browse amazing product lines and earn reward credit when I place my first order with Ginger Snap Scraps. Now excitedly wait for my delivery (hello, amazing grand opening deals and shipping special!) —->

Regularly check both blog and Facebook page for Ginger Snap Scraps and see this amazing post:

Ginger Snap Scraps: Mega Mother’s Day Giveaway at Ginger Snap Scraps!: Welcome to the Mega Mother’s Day Giveaway with Ginger Snap Scraps!  ….One lucky mom will be the winner of over $300 worth of scrapbooking and paper crafting items from Ginger Snap Scraps.

Well, let me tell ya, that is an exciting contest.  Seriously!    You should head over and check out the multiple ways you can enter… and if I’m the lucky winner and you just happen to be selected, you’ll share, right?   Check out the store – Cori has amazing product lines in her store, the customer service is fantastic, prices are affordable (cheap, cheap Cricut cartridges) and it’s all so user friendly.   And check out the blog – earn some entries – good luck!

And to think, if I hadn’t stumbled across the random blog entry so many months ago, I’d never have indirectly learned about Ginger Snap Scraps.  It’s a small world with so much at our fingertips.

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