A Steadfast Hope

I’m the first to admit we tend to slack off in the church department.  I don’t think this is a reflection of my faith – my beliefs, the ones that are solid and unshakeable, remain the same.  As I’ve matured, I’ve learned to question for myself and I don’t take everything at face value.  This has changed the face of my faith but not the core of my beliefs.

All that said, our weekends get busy and more oft than not, our Sunday mornings are lazy.  We don’t make the effort to get to church.  Besides, who wants to be a quartet of cranky people in a service that’s supposed to be a reflection of praise and happiness?  It’s hard to get in the spirit of things when you just spent 2 hours fighting to get out the door.

But….on occasion, we actually do make it (relatively on time) without any bloodshed.  After participating in a summer kids’ program, faces are more familiar and it feels like a comfortable place to be.  We’ve found a welcoming, warm hearted non-judgemental environment to just be.

My favourite part of service is always the worship – even though pastor’s message is always relevant and inspiring.  Today’s song service left me slightly teary eyed more than once as they sang a few old hymns mixed in with the more upbeat charismatic songs.

Old hymns always remind me of sleep overs at Oma’s and Sunday mornings in church listening to her sing with dignity and unwavering faith.  Its funny what triggers a memory… and reminds us that even though our beliefs may waver or vary, it’s that steadfast hope that remains…

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