Question Everything

Anyone who knows me, even just a little, knows how much to read.  In general, I’m particularly fond of light, easy-reading, happy-ending, love and romance fluff.   Definitely not stimulating or thought provoking, but a quick escape from reality that doesn’t require intense concentration.   I don’t have particularly high standards when it comes to author or content.  I don’t have high expectations that I’ll get something out of a quick read.   I want entertainment, pure and simple.  If it’s boring or requires undivided attention, it gets re-shelved very quickly.

All of that said, once in a while I’m struck by a paragraph, line or even general message that a light & fluffy book can bestow.  I just finished reading “The Briton” by Catherine Palmer.   She’s a Christian author who doesn’t get “preachy” and this particular book is my favourite genre:  historical romance.   It was a predictable, not-too-deep fiction and I could pick it up and put it down without losing my place.   It wasn’t awe-inspiring or even a favourite.  It just filled some spare minutes throughout my day without taking up too much room in my head.

Until I read this in the midst of a conversation between the hero and heroine:

“…The wise question everything.”

“Even the existance of God?  That is heresy, is it not?  No one can prove He is real, Jacques.”

“How shall I know Him if I don’t seek Him?  The one who asks questions of God and studies diligently to learn the answers must, in the end, have a far greater and deeper understanding of Him than the one who accepts Him blindly.”

Well, didn’t that just strike a chord?  I went back and re-read it.  Then I decided I should copy it because well, isn’t it the truth?   And in the midst of an average tale of romance and danger I was reminded that faith may be blind in that we have no concrete proof, but in our search for that evidence, in the questioning of that which we hear and read and think, we understand, we grow, we find confidence that, yes, this is what I know to be true…

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