The End Is Near

“Last 90 days…” 
“Final quarter”
“How will you end the year?”

Anyone else finding little reminders that 2018 is very quickly coming to a close?  I’m seeing social media challenges, blog posts, videos and more about the last few months of the year with an emphasis on finishing up strong before jumping in new.

I’m climbing up on the bandwagon. This month, this quarter, I’d like to continue with my self-care, self-development, family-strengthening goals.  I want to live intentionally, carving out time for certain things like rest, creativity, and evaluating paths & purpose.

For October, with Canadian Thanksgiving approaching, a child about to celebrate his 13th birthday (how did that happen????), and multiple family occasions upon us, I will focus on being thankful.

I will spend time each day with a pen & journal to jot down the small things I can appreciate, rather than focusing on my exasperation as life seems to be tumbling through quite a bit of change.  I will find verses to remind me of the blessings I enjoy and I will meditate on them.  I will find a song of thanksgiving to make my anthem.  I will encourage my family to recognize and appreciate the advantages they’ve been given, and encourage them to express their gratitude and bless others through simple kindnesses. I will focus on forbearance rather than frustration, on patience instead of contrariness, and kindness rather than judgement.

I will be a better me, and I will forgive myself when I fail to live up to my expectations and acknowledge that each day is a new day to practise with purpose.

Today I am thankful for the friends that get me.  The ones I can vent to, the ones I can laugh with, the ones that assure me that they don’t have it all together either and we’re all in the trenches of this life side-by-side.  The ones who say pick up a phone and call me if you need anything. The ones who will pick up the phone or send a text and don’t get upset if I don’t reply.  The ones who make a date and dive in to the nitty gritty. Who ask the tough questions and offer assurance when doubt creeps in.  The friends that understand we’re all human and that our journey often comes with detours, pit stops, and aggravation.  The friends that don’t need platitudes and false compliments, but listening ears and the gift of presence.  The friends that encourage, inspire, and squeeze your hand when you need to borrow some strength, and {kindly} smack the side of your head when you’re being ridiculous.  The friends who are real, transparent, and part of your tribe – that is what I’m thankful for.

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