The Next Generation

Today I was part of a group that directs fundraising dollars towards different community projects.  Three organizations are nominated, presented to the group, and then we vote and the majority vote receives the fund.  Three times a year we gather to make a difference.  This is community. It’s laughter. It’s tears. It’s support in so many ways. Our local youth drop in program (a program I also happen to have been a part of since its inception) was the fortunate recipient of tonight’s generosity.

I am part of a community that understands the next generation is our future.  That understands the generation needs a reason to hope.  The next generation needs to know they are worth the investment.  So we give our time.  We give our money.  We give our attention.  We feed the body.  We encourage the soul. We build the future. One life at a time.

So many times we forget about the untapped potential and amazing gift that has been given to us in our children and young people.  We see the negatives. We see the immaturity. We see the difficulties and differences from our generation.

But I am thankful.  Thankful that I can spend time with a group of kids that will be our future teachers, lawyers, farmers, and neighbors.  I am thankful that I can learn something from the next generation if I but take the time to listen. I am thankful that my community knows that the next generation is important and valuable and worthy of investment.

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