Waiting Room

It’s 10:30 PM and I’m sitting in our local E.R. waiting room with my youngest, hoping that we shouldn’t be here at all. In a time when our healthcare system is notoriously overcrowded and E.R.s are seemingly overwhelmed and understaffed, I don’t want us to be yet another burden on the system. Inside though, I’m secretly hoping that I’m just an over-vigilant mother and they’ll roll their eyes and send us home to our own bed.

Realistically, I’ve been advised by a trusted friend in the healthcare industry and by the on-call haemotologist that the E.R. is exactly where we need to be. I have to admit as well that the triage nurse also agreed. So we wait. We pray. We hope that in this case medical professionals are wrong. My kids been working his way down a list of symptoms that may indicate he’s in an anaemic crisis.

Thank you to friends who support and check in and answer my million questions when I’m second-guessing myself… and for telling me to cool it when need be.

If you stumble across this in the next few hours, and think of us,will you pray for wisdom and grace for the medical team and for mom wishing hospital waiting room seats were just a wee bit more comfortable?

3 thoughts on “Waiting Room

  1. Finally another mother who goes through what I’m going through. This illness is so rare and there’s not enough awareness about it. I truly hope your son is well ❤


    1. Thanks, Kimmi! They put him on broad-spectrum antibiotics and it seemed to do the trick. Fortunately, no transfusion or transport to our children’s hospital. It looks like the splenectomy in 2020 might be a good thing!


      1. Bless his heart. I hope he’s feeling a lot better. Luckily my daughter hasn’t required any transfusions or a splenectomy as of yet. Although at the moment she is very sick but we are waiting for results to find out the cause. I’ll be sending good vibes from us to you for your son ❤


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