Strong Yet Tired

Have you seen the quote “She is strong, but she’s exhausted?” Lemme tell you…. sitting on my couch this Sunday evening, after being home for approximately .02 hours today, I can relate. I am strong. I am tired… bone deep, soul achingly tired. I have given 167% of myself to the caring of others and their projects over the last few days and I need to find some space before I can give again.

These crazy few days will be leading to a busy few weeks. My to-do list is getting longer instead of shorter. I’ve been juggling family concerns, trying to put out fires, and been juggling so many balls that I picked up someone else’s and didn’t even notice. (Apparently I was not scheduled to teach the children’s program at church this morning. I was convinced I had to squeeze it in. Oh sweet relief when my other team showed up!)

I know that I am not alone. Every mama trying to balance life will go through moments of utter exhaustion. So this week my floors may not get vacuumed as often, but the kids will have clean teeth. Our dinners may consist of more convenience food, but my family will be fed. The laundry may begin to pile up, but shorts will be washed for a March break trip with grandparents.

I may indulge in a takeout latte instead of making my own. I will carve out time for a book nap (you know, when you’re reading but your eyes get heavy so you sleep instead?) in the 15 minutes I’ll have before I have to pick up a kid from band practice. I will set a timer to leave the office when I am scheduled to because my health – physically and mentally – is more important than replying to 5 more emails. I will drink my water, get my steps in, and breathe deep when my eyes start to blur.

I am strong. I am tired. But I am also working to recharge because I want to be strong and lively. Strong and energetic. Strong and functional.

Strength is recognizing when our bodies are craving rest, our souls are craving silence, and our spirits are craving renewal. Strength means taking care of ouselves a moment, a day, a project at a time. Strength is replenishing ourselves before we run to nothing so we can once again give and live from our hearts. Strength comes from shoring up our foundations and leaning on those who support us when we’re too exhausted to stand on our own.

Where do you find strength when you are tired? Hold on tight, oh exhausted one… take each day at a time. Be strong.

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